Bonus Brewery #6 – Toxic Brew Co. – Dayton OH

Toxic Brew Co.

toxic-bewing-1Rating: Home Run!

Brew Basics: A brewery with a fun, coffee house vibe.

When we first started, Jim and I would cross our fingers that the city we were heading to for a game would also have a brewery to write up.    These days we find ourselves visiting multiple breweries in most every place we visit, and so the one we choose to pair is usually the one we determine to be the best of the bunch (for a better explanation, check out the about us page!) but sometimes we find a place where we just can’t decide.  We tend to write these second locations up as “bonus breweries” and it’s been awhile since we posted one, but after heading to Toxic Brewing in Dayton, Ohio, we knew it was time. The place doesn’t fit it’s logos – based on what we felt was a somewhat cliched logo we thought this might be a bit of a corny place. Located in the Oregon District of Dayton, Toxic represents the area that houses it by being an eclectic blend of history, art and flavors.  If it wasn’t for the faint hint of brewer’s yeast and hops in the air, you’d think you had walked into a coffee shop when you step in the door.  There are hardwood floors, high (tin! ❤) ceilings, big windows and a cute street patio.  Their exposed brick walls feature local artists, and nests, paper lanterns and wood hang from the ceilings, in the windows and anywhere else they could find a spot. Cat Stevens and the toxic-bewing-2Avett Brothers stream through the speakers.  The coffee house feel mixes with skull imagery and green haired, tattooed employees who are both very friendly and quite knowledgeable.    There are black high tops and shorter tables on the other side, a long shuffleboard table and movie theater like popcorn maker in the back whose wares proved hard to resist for patrons, ourselves included.

Brew Breakdown:

This totally chill brewery had 21 creative beers on tap, and you could get almost all of them in taster size.  We were short on time, but, if you get four tasters, you get a dollar off your order.  So we got some bartender-ly guidance and started there:

Gem City Ruby 6.9 abv/54 ibu: A clearer nut brown, pecan color with full lacing.  Hops and floral notes in smell with a hop forward palate.  Finished slightly nutty and sweet.

toxic-bewing-3Derailed on 5th 7.6 abv/96 ibu: This black IPA was so dark that though it was unfiltered you couldn’t see through it.  Less lacing than with the Gem City, but still fairly predominant.  The aroma was less defined than the first beer, but the palate proved to be another hop forward one, with a smooth finish.

Hanger 18 Porter 6.2 abv/ 35 ibu An unexpected smell that was kind of like smoky molasses.  The thickest of the beers, with tan lacing.  Moderate carbonation with a lot going on in the palate that is a malted front, nutty center and dark molasses back while being smoky and woodsy throughout.

Night-Ender 11.9 abv – Smelled like nutty coffee and is smooth. You can smell the imperialness, but it’s such a rich beer you don’t taste it, so therefore dangerous.  This cream beer has a high abv with some dark fruits.

Toxic Brew Co.

431 E 5th Street

Dayton, OH 45402

(937) 985-3618