Albuquerque, NM (Isotopes Park and Marble Brewing)

Isotopes Park

Team: Albuquerque Isotopes

Affiliate: Colorado Rockies (AAA)

Ballpark Basics: A new take on the retro ballpark.  

Isotopes Park is quite a unique ballpark.  From the architecture to the backdrop to the statues that can be found on the concourse make catching a game her a unique experience.  

Let’s start outside.  Walking up to the front of The Lab you can’t help but notice the tower that sits behind home plate.  Decorated with different colored panes of glass and a large sculpture of a batter. While most people think of Camden Yards and PNC Park when they think of a retro ballpark.  Isotopes Park has more of a mid-century modern feel.

However, the unique aspects don’t stop with the facade.  Once inside the concourse you will find large fiberglass statues of the different Simpsons characters.  The statues are a nod to the tv show that gave the team its name. You can also find bits of Albuquerque baseball trivia posted throughout the concourse.         

Once you are in the seating bowl, the distinctive features continue.  The Sandia Mountains loom in the background giving the ballpark stunning views from your seats (especially the upper deck). Another distinguishing feature is the hill in center field.  Spanning 127 feet of the center field wall this aspect can give outfielders trouble as they navigate long fly balls.  

Best Spot For Beer: Throughout the park there are some craft options at each concession stand.  However, the best spot that we found was next to the Jack Daniel’s Club in the left field corner under the grandstand.  It had the widest variety of local and craft beer options in the park.       

It really is a treat to take in a game at Isotopes Park.  From the quirky Simpsons statues to the striking views behind the outfield wall this is a one-of-a-kind ballpark.   


Marble Brewery

Rating: Home Run!

Brewery Basics:  Wondering where the people of ABQ are? Here.  They are here.

We arrived at Marble promptly on July 4th, just a couple weeks shy of their anniversary.   Downtown Albuquerque was dead, but this place was hopping.  The outside front porch was concrete with tables.  Motorcycles pulled up, but you could barely hear them thanks to the band that had everyone dancing to a Tom Petty cover.  

The concrete floors from outside were continued in the interior decor; which was much darker, thanks to lower ceilings and dark wood walls, and mood lighting made possible by Edison bulbs.  Long tables were surrounded by gray stools and blue chairs, except for one corner where games were available and couches were the seating of choice. 

There were a ton of people outside, but it seemed like there were just as many inside as well.  The TVs were on, music was playing and the place gave off a fun, happy atmosphere of people ready to celebrate a holiday weekend.

Beer Breakdown:

Swag in front, parking lot and big brew tanks out back and the bar along the side wall and an upstairs patio with even more seating and patrons.   We couldn’t get tasters, so we ordered four pints, each of which had a fun, well designed logo to go with it:

The Double White (7.0% ABV)- A Belgian inspired wheat ale,  A ring of white lacing circled the very yellow -like homemade lemonade- but somewhat hazy beer. It smelled yeasty and citrusy and had a palate that was lightly citrus upfront, and lemony and spiced in the end.  

Wildflower Wheat (5.6% ABV)- A golden yellow color and wheaty nose belie the floral palate and honeyed finish.  Not heavy, but very flavorful.  

Marble Red (6.5% ABV) – Smelled malted, but like other southwestern reds, it carried a notable hop presence in both palate and aftertaste.

Oatmeal Stout (5.8% ABV) – Heavily malted and chewy with a thinner mouthfeel  and dark coffee notes in the end.

Marble Brewery

111 Marble Avenue NW

Albuquerque, NM 87102

(505) 243-2739