Lincoln NE (Haymarket Park and Cosmic Eye Brewing)

Haymarket Park

Team: Lincoln Saltdogs/University of Nebraska

Affiliate: N/A (American Association)

Ballpark Basics: A family friendly draw with two home teams.

Key Stats:

Parking: A pedestrian bridge connects several nearby lots

Seats in Shade: Lower level seating bowl under the suites.

Opening in 2001 Haymarket Park sits on the western edge of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus and the Saltdogs share the facility with the Huskers baseball team. It is located near the other Husker athletic facilities with a bridge that will take you to the massive Memorial Stadium as well as their basketball and hockey arenas. In fact, Memorial Stadium looms over the center field wall.

While we were there for a Saltdogs game, you are reminded that the Huskers baseball team also calls Haymarket home with banners for College World Series visits and Super Regional years decorating the concourse. Not to be outdone, the Saltdogs also have banners for their multiple appearances in the American Association playoffs.  

Haymarket Park seats up to 4,500 fans (not including berm options) and includes a seating bowl which surrounds the infield, in addition to club seating and small berms down each line. Club seats and suites rise above the seating bowl and provide shade during the hot summer months. There is additional berm seating behind the left field wall and a picnic seating with four tops behind the right field wall. While they did include a large picnic area in the right field corner of the concourse, you are unable to see the action of the field from it. 

Best Spot for Beer:

While beer was not available at Huskers games until part way through the 2024 season, the Saltdogs have always been able to sell alcohol at their home games. There are beer stands down each baseline with both taps and multiple can options but these are mostly limited to macros and seltzers with few local options. Your best bet will be the Craft Corner concession stand, located on the concourse behind home plate with multiple taps of local options including Cosmic Eye, Empyrean and Boulevard as well as some can options. 

Overall this is a solid, centrally located park that two teams call home, providing Lincolnites something to cheer about for many months out of the year.    

Cosmic Eye Brewing 

Rating: Triple

Beer Breakdown: Cosmic Eye was* an interesting blend of metal, dungeons and dragons, witchcraft and good beer.

*Since our visit, Cosmic Eye has announced it closure for June, 2024. They had good beer and to-go options so if you’re in the area stop by while you still can. We hope to have another opportunity to visit Lincoln and find another spot to pair with Haymarket Park.

Key Stats: N/A, closed.

Cosmic Eye is built for hanging out with friends. While there are a couple spots along the wall where one can stand, most of the customer-side is set up to be communal with long live-edge picnic tables, and 3 different couch/lounge areas. On the wall you’ll find a hodgepodge of items channeling a variety of kitsch from grandmacore to punk and everything in between. Just some of the included themes are skulls, tattoos, and captains and ships. Set lists and show posters abound on walls (and couches) that are painted in shades of yellow, rust and black to mimic large stones and a black ceiling helps complete the lair effect. The music in the background is atmosphere appropriate but doesn’t lean so hard as to make conversation difficult. 

Beer Breakdown:

Beer wise, there were several options available on tap, and a to-go fridge in the back. One of the beers, “How Do I Exit This Group Chat?” made us feel seen, but was kicked on tap and we were sad to have missed it by just one day. Never fear, there were still had lots of great options to choose from! We chose:

Eye Of The Barber 2 (5.8% ABV and 69 IBU) – Poured a lemonade color, which made it the yellowest of the bunch, and most hazy. Strong hop bite starts juicy with pineapple and citrus but the hops that are present throughout become stronger so EOTB finishes bitter and semi-dry.

Frooted For Your Attention Vol 1 (5.5% ABV 12 IBU) – This ale with peach, plum and apricot was not as pink as expected but more of a hazy peach. Unlike most fruited sours, you definitely still knew you were drinking beer as the aroma is sour and lemongrass with a fruit basket nose. The taste is similar, with the earthy lemongrass notes being the backbone of the beer with the fruits being most prominent in the end.

Hop Worship Vol I (6.5% ABV/66 IBU) – A west coast IPA with strong clarity and a deep gold color. While the smell is piney, the palate starts light and builds to a dry but sharp hoppy finish.

Spooked By Shadows 5.5% ABV/22 IBU) – Though one might expect this beer to be on the amber or brown side, Spooked By Shadows presents yellow and unmolested by haze. The aroma on this smoked lager is everything you want it to be, malty, smoky and very pleasant. It tastes like you just walked in front of a campfire, and lingers but in the best smoked Gouda kind of way. 

Cosmic Eye Brewing 

6800 P St #300

Lincoln, NE 68505