Johnstown, PA (Sargent’s Stadium at the Point and Stone Bridge Brewing Co.)

Sargent’s Stadium at the Point

Team: Johnstown Mill Rats

Affiliate: N/A (Prospect League)

Ballpark Basics: A ballparks that blends the old with the new.  

Key Stats:

Parking: The Mill Rats provide this information on lot parking, though many of these are labeled as belonging to private businesses. Street parking is also available. Pay with an app, or free after 5pm and on weekends.

Seats in the shade: Little to none – this is an open air field with bleacher seating.

When looking at the Point from above it is easy to see how the ballpark got its name. Situated at the confluence of the Little Conemaugh, Stonycreek, and Conemaugh Rivers, the field’s odd dimensions form a point. The field is crammed into an extremely small plot of land and has made for interesting aspects of the ballpark. The stands along the first base line jut over the Stonycreek River, it is only 290 feet to the left field wall that is compensated by a large wall with netting that acts as protection for the street behind but is also in play. 

The Point has hosted baseball since 1926 and some greats including Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig have played there. In 2005 the original ballpark was torn down and rebuilt as a part of an $8 million renovation with artificial turf added in 2007. There are seats with seatbacks behind home plate and bleacher seating down each baseline. The press box sits above the seating bowl and there is a landing with some picnic table seating. There is also a small set of bleacher seating behind the right field wall.   

Best Spot for Beer: There are two concession stands, one on the main concourse which sits under the bleacher seating and one behind the press box. The majority of options for beer are going to be macros but Stone Bridge Brewing has repurposed their Cheap A$$ Light American Lager as the Mill Rats Themed Slice of Cheese Lager. 

Baseball is not the only thing to see in Johnstown. It is of course the site of the Johnstown Flood in 1889 and there is the Johnstown Flood National Memorial Museum which is definitely worth a visit. The Point was also the filming location for scenes in the 1983 movie all the Right Moves and a few blocks away from the ballpark is 1st Summit Arena, home of the NAHL team the Johnstown Tomahawks and filming location for the movie classic Slap Shot.  

Sargent’s Stadium at the Point does a good job of blending the old with the new. While making  slight modifications to the field dimensions the uniqueness of the field is still apparent. The Mill Rats do a great job of generating excitement for the games (both before and during) so if you find yourself in central Pennsylvania it is definitely worth a visit.   


Stone Bridge Brewing Company 

Rating: Home Run!

Brewery Basics: One business that’s three places in one location, with a varied food menu and lots of drink options but it somehow still cohesive and doing it all well.

Dog Friendly: Yes, outside at both locations.

Good for Groups: Lots of space, varied menu and many options beyond beer make this a great spot for all.

Food Available: Yes, charcuterie and tapas in the Wine Loft, pizza, and an Asian Fusion (think tacos and ramen) menu coming out of the highly rated Craft Food Kitchen.

The team at Stone Bridge welcomed us in even though they were closed, and gave us the full tour. They were friendly and clearly excited about what they do. It took us longer than planned to get to this review, so we went back and checked in on them, and we are happy to see them doing well and having just opened a second location in Greensburg, PA, just about an hour from the main brewery in Johnstown.

The Johnstown location is centrally located and large, consisting of three main rooms, each with their own personality. The first with orange walls, big murals, a black painted ceiling and cement floors is the main day hangout, with a square bar facing the back wall, and another bar top on the opposite wall that features indoor/outdoor flexibility. This side serves food and pizzas fresh from a 600 degree oven.

The green room has an Asian fusion vibe, and food to match. They’re not phoning it in either, as the Craft Modern Kitchen, with a farm-to-table focus has been voted best in Western PA more than once. A long wood bar lines one side, similar to the one in the taproom. But here, the bar back is backlit black shelves decorated with a variety of flora and fauna. It feels a little more high end which, combined with bright strong colors, make this a fun nighttime kind of place. Artwork by Chris Tower and a set of wood slats on one wall that appears solely decorative, but is also a soundfile. Like the taproom, they have garage bay doors that open onto the street for an indoor/outdoor bar top option. Not done yet, Stone Bridge also houses a wine loft with tapas and charcuterie options to pair with any of the 1500 bottles in their wine cellar.

Originally opened in 2018, Stone Bridge got an upgrade when a large California brewery changed their minds about opening another location after putting a down payment on a barrel system. Stone Bridge was able to swoop in on the deal quadrupling their original 5bbl system. That extra capacity has gone to good use as Stone Bridge is cranking out a line of flagships along with rotating recipes, seasonal seltzers, and slushies. 

Beer Breakdown:

Stone Bridge is actively involved in supporting the local community, with lots of events and fundraisers. This includes working with Folds of Honor and supporting causes from the regional Heritage Association to all of the local sports teams. In fact, if you’re catching a game keep an eye out for their Cheap A$$ Beer, a lager that moonlights as “Slice of Cheese” at Mill Rats games and “Slapshot” when the local NAHL team, the Johnstown Tomahawks take the ice. Of course they’ve got Cheap A$$ Beer available at the brewery, and so many more. Our gracious hosts provided several for us to taste, and we took home several as well. Here’s a sample of what we tried:

Stone Bridge Heritage Pilsner 4.9% abv – Very pale, just a hint of gold color and the closest to one of the “big three” lites that you see on taps everywhere. A Czech pils, originally created for the Slovak Food Festival, the first batch consisted of just 10 kegs and 20 cases for the Johnstown area Heritage Association. Crisp and clean, almost no after taste, finishes dry and easy.

Hazy River IPA 7.4%ABV/27 IBU A cold-filtered IPA, that is bright yellow but still light in color, with a light bouquet as well. Both bouquet and palate start hoppy with a light, tropical front. Peach and apple-y notes come out as the beer warms but overall the palate is built around the hops.

Mermaid Seltzer 5%ABV Smells sweet and is “melted popsicle” blue. Tart apple and juicy blueberry and blackberry flavors give the Mermaid a sweet flavor, so sweet in fact the brewers dialed back the sugar from 6g/serving in the original batches to 2g which helps some of the tartness come through at the end. Much like a blue raspberry slushie.

Johnstown Brown 4.8%ABV – Originally known as the Downtown Brown, this beer had just undergone a name change but the recipe stayed intact. Ince tea in color with visible effervescence and khaki colored lacing. The aroma is spiced and a little nutty. The malts are mainly prominent at the start of the sip, ending slightly cherry juiced and spice that builds as you drink.

Stone Bridge Surf Lab Tart Guava (7.6%ABV 23 IBU) Kind of sparkly on the tongue, light and sweet and subtly tart. Belying it’s Pennsylvania routes, this one is perfect for beach drinking. Not cloying or overly sweet like guava or mango can often be, it just remains refreshing and light. Grab a 6 pack and head poolside with this one.

Stone Bridge Brewing Co. 

104 Franklin Street

Johnstown, PA 15901